Sabtu, 8 Disember 2012

My Second Term is start right now!!

Assalamualaikum.. and Salam Sejahtera..
#cewahh ayat.. xleh blah.. haha

#back to our business.. haha

18/11/2012 - Tarikh aku datang sini (UPMKB).. Jumpa roommate.. #mood sedih ada.. happy pun ada sebab nak start second term kan?? haha

Startlah aku punya second term..

Firstly agaklah boring gak..

Tapi sekarang??? 50/50 je kot.. haha..

Hubungan dengan roommate?? Oklah.. At least ada gak ckp dgn dia..

What i'm doin' while i was in the middle of my mid term?? one word #KERJA!! haha

Where?? Of course my "lovely" tempat kerja... (B... IT)

Quit boring lah.. everyday laptop in front of my eye.. Huhu..

In this term, aku masok kokurikulum berkredit.. It is call Bakti Siswa.. I had been placed to the first group.. It is handle by our HEP's people,Mr Hakim.. #really nice guy.. haha

In our koko,we must do an event so that we can pass our koko and get a flying result.. #even though it just one hour credit..

We had planned to take a tour to Gua Niah.. But it is not a simple tour.. We must CYCLING to go there..

#OH MY GOD!!! hahah... But I still love the idea.. haha

In this term, we also will busy with our ladang.. Ladang oh ladang.. haha.. #study rah upm. of course cangkul we must pegang.. haha..

Every Jumaat we will busy because we need to go to our ladang on the morning for our buku hijau program and our CAG 1001 on the evening.. And on the night,we need to attend our koko.. huhu.. #so jealous with roommate bcoz after Solat Jumaat, he can take his rest.. but not for me.. I need to go to ladamg..

that all..



One thing I forgot.. haha.. I got 3.694 for my first term final exam.. hehe.. A bit of frust because cannot be listed as one of Dean Award..hehe.. xpa.. Lain kali try again right??

#bak kata en. Hakim, first mistake is a learning process.. second mistake is a mistake. it will always be a mistake if you do it again and again.. hehe..


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